Member of the month, David Bertelsen

This month we had the pleasure of talking to David Bertelsen, Regional Managing Director for Asia and Oceania for Marel.

Briefly, what is your role?

We partner with food processing companies to supply high tech equipment and software solutions. My role is to drive the growth in the region into poultry, fish, meat and prepared foods segments including aftermarket care. Big drivers for our customers today include automation, sustainability, food safety and yield.

Any advice for doing business in Singapore and/or the region?

Have the humility to listen and do not expect that Western-made solutions will be right or welcomed with open arms to specific very local requirements.

When did you move to Singapore? Where from?

From Bali (one year) and before that had lived 12 years in Iceland, then 7 years in Spain, 2 years in USA, 2 years in Germany.  Also spent a few years in Japan.

Where were you born? What country do you call home?

Born in NZ and lived there until 23 years old (now I am 52), so still call it home even if it is not as familiar to me anymore!

What do you like most about Singapore?

The food, the convenient public transport and efficient government. And low taxes!

What do you do to relax?

Jog, play tennis, read.

What's top of your bucket list?

Travel (again) to the Mediterranean (Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey).

Why did you join the New Zealand Chamber (Singapore) and what do you like most about it?

To make contacts and friends. No comment yet as have not attended any events, but will join on Aug 31st 5-A-Side!