Equipping Learners for the Global Job Market

There is a place for virtual events, but it was a refreshing to host some familiar and new faces at our in person at our breakfast panel event, “Equipping Learners for the Global Job Market".

Moderator and NZ Chamber Board Member Danny Tauroa (Director of Sport and Head of Physical Education at XCL Academy Singapore) led an insightful conversation with panellists Kellie Twigge (VP People and Culture at bp Singapore), Jenny Chew (GM Global Sales and Capability at Fonterra), Benjamin Roberts (Talent Director APAC, Transmission) and Australian International School Head Girl Ali Kinneally exploring the realities of the workplace for young people, discussing

  • The importance of soft skills like teamwork, resilience, adaptability and growth mindset v deep technical skills
  • The learning opportunities for experienced leaders from younger employees via reverse mentoring
  • The need for companies to deliver to the values of Gen Z students who want to work for organisations and brands that reflects their values
  • Advice for students to follow their passions as this experience can translate into the workplace
  • This impact of social media and “cancel culture” in creating a “fear of failure” amongst young people who are navigating a different world from the one many of us started working in.
  • The shared responsibility that Parents, Educators, Employers and Students have for nurturing the skills that will set our young people up.

Thanks to our sponsors The Australian International School and AAM Advisory for their support to make this event possible.